With so much at stake, the cleaning needs of healthcare facilities are unique from many other institutions. They require the expertise of specialists dedicated to ensuring a thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected environment. We bring our extensive cleaning knowledge, utilizing methods and products, to help prevent cross contamination. With Sarver Cleaning Services , you benefit from a local network that delivers consistent results across the complete range of healthcare cleaning needs.  

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Residential Cleaning

Regular House Cleaning Most customers prefer regular visits from our residential housekeepers. It creates more free time while reducing the effect allergens, bacteria and other unhealthy substances have on their families. For that reason alternate-weekly or weekly cleaning service is the most popular. Weekly: Our weekly house cleaning service is very popular for most homes. Every other week: For help with general upkeep, our twice-a-month house cleaning service works best. Monthly: Sarver cleaning can give your home a thorough cleaning just when you need it. Occasional House Cleaning Some of our customers prefer to schedule a one-time clean based on their needs. When they’re expecting company or  hosted a social event, our occasional cleaning service gets their home in great shape. The occasional or one-time cleaning generally costs more than a regularly scheduled clean because more time has likely passed since the home received a deep cleaning that it really needs. It’s also not uncommon for a customer to schedule regular cleanings after the incredible results from the one-time cleaning. Choosing the Right Cleaning Plan In the long run, choosing weekly cleanings are more cost-effective. You end up paying less per visit with a weekly or every other week cleaning service than with a one-time or three-times per month residential cleaning. The real value is of course the additional time your family spends together in a healthier, cleaner household. As part of every custom cleaning plan, Sarver cleaning services will tailor our cleaning process to your needs and budget. Whether[…]

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Industrial Cleaning

No matter what you need cleaned,  from the front office, the warehouse or the plant floor itself  Sarver Cleaning Services has the equipment, expertise and experience to get the job done.  We create a clean and positive environment for your facility and work around your schedule to make sure your operation stays productive.  We also understand the unique safety needs of manufacturing and distribution facilities and customize our training to adhere to your facility’s specific safety standards and workflow.

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RV Cleaning

We can clean inside your RV on your site.

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