Floor Cleaning

Residential floor cleaning

Let Sarver Cleaning Services come to your home and make your floors look like new again. Whether you have carpet, linoleum, wood or file, we have the tools to revamp those floors and make them look and smell great again. 

We remove pet hair, dirt and grime down to the core of the floor.  

Industrial floor cleaning

Sarver Cleaning Services has the tools to help your business floors look great again. Whether you have a concrete plant floor, vinyl hallways or carpet offices, we can take care of all types of flooring. We concentrate more on high traffic areas to help revive them to the state of the low-traffic areas. 

If you step on it, we can take care of it.

Sanitized Floors

Get rid of the germs that your shoes bring into your establishment and have your floors sanitized.

New Smell

Once your floors are cleaned and sanitized, they will smell like new again when the underlying odors are gone.

Pet Hair

Let us help your allergies by removing that pet hair.

Advanced Equipment

With our hot water and high suction equipment, we can get that dirt and grime a vacuum can’t even see.

Covid-19 Information

Sarver Cleaning Services is committed to the cleanliness and sanitation of your establishment. That’s why we use an ElectroStatic Sprayer to disinfect all surfaces to help combat the spread of COVID-19.